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- Ganal International Co.(Ltd) was established on 6 January 2002.
- Works in the field of general trade – Inport & Export .
- Specialized in working in the field of trade of the Sudanese agricultural crops
- Contracted and implemented several agreements with United Nations Organizations working in Humanitarian relief (e.g., the World Food Program)
(( W.F.P )) ,the International Commettee Of the Red Cross.

(I.C.R.C) and several other non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS).
- Due to the absence of good storage conditions,what we experienced during the previous years through our dealing in this area.... In 2009, the company built a complete storage unit and a modren scientific building in a special location (Rabak City–White Nile State), 4 thousand square meters, and a storage card of about
 27-30 thousand tons.Attached with the warehouses are a two-story building, an administrative Office, and acomfortable accommodation for staff, workers and the guests.

The warehouses are in accordance with the Sudanese Standard Specificationم ق س د 3891/2014 Food Stores according to the certificate of conformity of active issued by the Sudanese Organization for Standardization and Metrology
And also all balances in stores extracted calibration certification of measuring machines issued bt the Sudanese Organization for Standardization and Metrology / Measurement and Calibration Department
Ganal has many other activities represented in :
1/another agricultural company working in the field of pest control, insects, and the field of seed and improved seeds and others…...[Happ Green Agricultural Company] and has all the equipment and aids used in the field of pest control [specially created to conserve the crops of a canal company within its warehouses].
2/The Company also has other hand for transport [Canal for Land Transport]. It owns an area of ​​10 thousand square meters piece no. [141] square [4] Aljeeli Industrial Area Khartoum North. An integrated export complex of Ternate, Screen for crops, a bean press, and a vegetable oil press has been added.[Now the project is nearing completion, God willing].
3/Also there is Industrial Ganal has a feed factory built in Khartoum Industrial Zone No. [2621] square [35] south of the Local Market in an area of ​​1000 square meters.
4/There is also Agricultural Gannel represented in the draft Al Adham for agricultural and animal production with license No. 162 / Agricultural / 2012, on an area of ​​700 acres in West Omdurman.
5/There are also two private schools for the basic stage boys and girls area of ​​1800 m 2 piece No. 36 Omdurman – New  Abu Roaf - on the main street and open on 4 directions.
-The company has excellent administrative experience and a cadre of competent staff to work in the preparation of the operations of import [Purchase - Storage - Processing - Transport - the issuance of storage receipts with comprehensive insurance of goods stored in our party ...Etc ..) [Gadaref- Elobied].
-The company has an excellent reputation in all local crop markets, and distinguished relations with banks and companies working in the field of Sudanese crops.
-Ganal International can engage in partnerships to work in the field of export, whether with local or foreign parties. The crops in which the company deals in the field of export [corn - sesame - Arabic gum - watermelon seeds - karkady - peanut].
Attached are copies of all documents confirming the above.



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